Why Are We Whispering about Sexuality & Stress?

Why Are We Whispering Couple Kissing

Communicating our sexuality is a constant challenge and often a profoundly confusing area of life. Most of us know more about our cell phone plans than we do about what makes us tick. And many feel isolated, especially regarding our most intimate concerns. It’s downright daunting and we often have a tough time talking about sex, usually feeling the need to hide our proclivities, our curiosities and innermost frustrations and desires.

”I’m too shy to express my sexual needs
except over the phone to people I don’t know.”

Garry Shandling

Don’t be shy. Be curious. Question ideological foundations in place since our first flickering of consciousness. Shake off cynicism, complacency and finger pointing.

Our Sexuality is of Profound Importance to our Health and Well-Being.

Co-founder of the Medical Group of Beverly Hills, Dr. David Kipper, M.D. believes in merging the science of medicine with exploring psychological and behavioral influences on patient’s symptoms. He says, “A key factor in managing stress is to explore your sexual life – and the deeper dynamics at the heart of sexuality.”

Open up; explore your emotional life, your sexuality and the healthy release this brings. Not merely the mechanics of sex, but the full expression. Sure, Viagra, sexy texts and Twister positions are helpful for a quick rush, but focusing on mechanics doesn’t solve sexual problems.

“Sex – even terrible sex – isn’t engineering. It’s a language, and its content is everything else happening in our emotional lives,” says David Schnarch, a maverick Marriage & Family Health Therapist and author of the book Passionate Marriage. Sex is a form of communication and our sexuality is a complex language. The body wants and needs to talk and our sexuality is an essential, primal avenue.

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The Skeleton Key
Do our stress levels always boil down to sex? “No, that’s not the point,” continues Dr. Kipper. “But many of our health and relative body issues are connected to our sexuality. The mind and body work together to create and heal symptoms of stress. It’s that simple.”

Sexuality and stress is a formidable feedback loop that’s crucial to unravel. Mantak Chia, healer, teacher and legendary author of many essential books on cultivating male and female sexuality, states, “Human beings have powerful sex drives - and you cannot keep ping-pong balls under water. Sometime, somewhere, they pop back up, maybe as disease, maybe as emotional problems, causing energy blockages, leading to illness.”

Sure, candles, panties and porn make for titillating props and a sexual experience that, on the surface, is exciting and gratifying, yet without exploring our inner lives they’re often ineffective and we end up building a house of cards. The act of sex is the cards themselves, yet there is still an empty void in the middle. What should be inside? How we really feel about sex, and how we think about sex and our sexuality, fills us and fuels us.

So, tune in and turn up the volume of your mind~body connections. Our sexual health and our satisfaction is vital, because a truly satisfying sexual experience can prolong our life, increase our vitality, decrease blood pressure, reduce stress, strengthen our heart, relieve aches and pains, and boost our immune system, making us feel and look younger.

That rosy after-glow is radiating from within – not from outside sources. The most potent pharmacy of all is right inside of you and me. So, snooping inside that medicine cabinet of our own body-wide systems has far reaching benefits. “The human body is a remarkable symphony,” states Deepak Chopra in Soul of Healing. “There’s a genius inside you and me. And this genius is the inner intelligence of the body that mirrors the wisdom of the universe.”

Gain new respect for your mind and body’s power. Upgrade how you feel and deal.

Tap into the deeper dynamics at the heart of sexuality – examine the profound connections of stress, your sexuality, your consciousness and your emotional expression. Now use what you discover to improve your ‘whole body’ health and well-being. Spark a dialogue…and open the book of you.

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Sexuality & Stress

Communicating our sexuality is a constant challenge and often a profoundly confusing
area of life.

Natalie Geld examines the feedback loop of sexuality, consciousness & stress to provide INsight, breakthrough research, and empowering approaches for feeling good in the skin you're in.

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