Move Your Molecules

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Sexuality + Stress

Make the First Move

Make the First Move

Observe Your Thoughts.

The mind leads and the body follows. More often than not though, it isn't leading us into a pleasure den. What gives?

Every thought has a biochemical reality in your body, explains Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. Uplifting thoughts and emotions are associated with an entirely different mix of neuropeptides and hormones than are thoughts of panic, fear or anger.


Thought = Experience

Move Your Molecules

Move Your Molecules

Better health, less stress and more sexual initiative – that’s exactly what men and women requested in a recent national study conducted by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.

Less than 1/2 were satisfied with their sex lives. Stress. Sexuality. Health. What’s the connection? Read More...

Sex is hardly ever about sex.

Love Your Brain

In the Dark

Mind, Meet Your Body

In the dark about your sexuality?

You’re not alone. In the 21st Century, where sex tapes make you famous (& rich), Dick in a Box wins an Emmy, 3rd graders know the words to Jiz in my Pants & getting jizzed on will get you a book deal – and we’re still groping for clues.

Communicating our sexuality is a constant challenge. Most of us know more about our iPhone apps than what makes us tick. Why do we feel isolated regarding our most intimate concerns? Read more...

Tune IN... Turn ON

Sensual Intelligence

A Unique Hands On Tour of Your Beautiful Body!

You will think about your body differently, even with daily activities like sitting...

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ~Rumi

FEEL GOOD in this skin you're in!


Let's Play Doctor

Let's Play Doctor

Let's Play Doctor

Feeling distracted, irritable and drained?
Locked in unsuccessful, obsessive cycles?
Embarrassed to talk with your doctor, or anyone about your concerns?

By continually ignoring thought and emotional patterns, we limit our choices of how to deal with daily challenges. We feel stuck because we repeatedly fuel our stress engine – and most symptoms of dis-ease are caused or compounded by stress...

Sensual Intelligence

Upgrade How You Feel and Deal.

Benefit From Your Mind and Body's Power.

Tap into the deeper dynamics at the heart of sexuality. Examine the profound connections of stress, sexuality, consciousness and your emotional expression. More...

Learn to speak your body's language.

Our Greatest Mystery

Body, Meet Your Chemistry

Body, Meet Your Chemistry

One of our largest, most powerful sex organs is our brain. Although you think everything happens between your legs, the sensation of orgasm actually originates between your ears...

“The intimate connection between a woman’s psychic humor and her clitoral power means that the clitoris must be wired up to the brain – the big brain – before it can sing.” MORE...

Examine profound connections of sexuality, stress, emotions and consciousness. Mind is body. Body is mind.
~ Natalie Geld, Founder
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PRESS PLAY to learn how to TUNE IN to your own body.

How can you EXPERIENCE INTIMACY when you are dissociated from YOUR OWN BODY?

Natalie Geld, a courageous and brilliant educator, has written a wonderful book that will transform your life. Her passion and commitment to healing sexuality and finding fulfillment in life is a shining beacon to us all.
~ Zoran Josipovic, PhD, neuroscientist, Psychology Dept. Center for Neural Science, NYU, Founder of the Nonduality Institute
"Sensual Intelligence Natalie Geld"
"Natalie Geld Author of Sensual Intelligence"

Author, Educator, Speaker
Cofounder, Society for Mind Brain Sciences


In this amazing look inside your body, you will explore the skin you're in on an exquisite and UNIQUE HANDS ON TOUR from head to toe. You'll think about your body differently, even with daily activities like sitting.


"Sensual Intelligence At Barnes and Noble Booksellers"

“I have been listening to Sensual Intelligence and reading the book at the same time. What an experience!
Peeling back the layers, taking the body in as a whole - brain, body, mind, and spirit. Realizing our full potential. Exciting read... and listen! Now, back to reading!” ~ Mark Good, Horse Wrangler

"A real turn on!" ~ Amazon Review

"Excellent. An extraordinary way of seeing and knowing our bodies. Geld offers a different vision of who we are as human beings." ~ F. G. Carrero, Artist

"Breathtaking, alive, heartfelt.
A game changer." ~ David Matthew Brown, Radio Host, The Lion

Our beautiful readers live in 202 countries ... JOIN US + Spark a Dialogue!
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Remember in the video at the top of this page when Dr. Rick Hanson and Dr. Bernie Baars talked about the Insula -- and it's connection to feelings like empathy, pain and pleasure?

The more viscerally aware, the more emotionally attuned you are. Seek balance within your body and put your internal sensations in contex. The primary brain maps for signals from your body surface—like itch, sharp pain, dull pain, burning pain, tickle, sensual touch, heat, and cold—as well as sensations arising from your body’s interior, are mapped in your insula, not your primary touch cortex.

Here's a nifty slideshow for you to learn about this beautiful cinemascopic model of human awareness and subjectivity.

Free Drugs

As if you really need any excuse to have sex. Research has shown that it can even prevent you from getting the flu.

Energy of Honesty

Energy of Honesty

You would certainly recognize your signature on a piece of paper, but
do you know your own emotional signature?

Embody Your Ecstasy

Embody Your Ecstasy
Integrate the divine elements of your powerful sensual being throughout all areas of your life. Enliven passion, pure love and deep sexual connections.