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Natalie Geld ~ editorial director and founder of Why Are We

is a roving, curious messenger asking “Why do we feel this way?” and “How can we evolve?”

She researches the integral nature of energy, and examines the profound connections of sexuality, stress, consciousness and well being.

Note from Nat

“Sexuality is a wanton and vexing seductress. Spread eagle, skin glistening, eyes gleaming she dares me to enter into what continues to be the most delicious and elusive of subjects - and subjective experiences - to cover.

Throughout this life I’ve been thwarted, spun, perplexed, nearly shattered, tangled, and deeply, inexhaustibly, gratified by her. Countless individuals have approached me equally spun and hungry for ideas on their own unraveling. When we resource our source, it's clear there's no secret to be revealed. There is no key to happiness and pleasure outside our grasp -- we are divine beings, wholly connected.

Master the art and science of being human in an aligned, evolving community. Tap your divine mind and body's power, for expanding our consciousness and capacity for love.

I'm thrilled and grateful that you’re here -- and welcome you with a big, warm hug ☺ Welcome to our [R]evolutionary community!

About Nat

Founder Natalie Geld
Nominated 'HellRaiser' by Mother Jones Magazine, she loves to roll up her sleeves and pitch in -- as an artist, communications specialist and educator, Natalie has spent much of her life fostering educational opportunities for manifesting effective communication skills and actualizing vivid human potential. She co-founded and taught Effective Communication and Creative Expression Seminars at The New Teachers Institute, which reached hundreds of educators nationally.

By tuning into 'The Skin We're In,' her adult students claim the experience ‘catalyzed positive and lasting change’ in their lives. The coursework, fueled with innovative approaches, provided opportunity for honest and candid self reflection, deep inquiry and real progress. Nat goes full throttle to help students recognize and evolve conditioning, self generated obstacles and recurrent behavior patterns, to open perspectives regarding colleagues and students, and to transform self-esteem, listening skills and self expression capabilities.

Co-founder and creative director of the international science and education collaborative - the Society for Mind Brain Sciences. It is becoming a global portal for teaching and learning about consciousness. In collaboration with MBSci, she recently produced and directed a high level scientific series called The Feeling Brain: Exploring the Neural Basis of Emotion.

She has designed, written, founded, and stimulated funding for educational, literacy and creative writing programs which provide ongoing employment for published writers of all genres as well as enrichment and opportunity for underserved youth both in LA and the SF Bay area.’s ‘PEN in the Classroom’ and the Bay area’s ‘Strong Point’ are gems, where inner city students accepted poetry and creative writing awards on the same stage as Steven Zaillian and Gore Vidal. Nat is also an executive board member of and a card holding member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness and the American Humanist Association. and member of SAG-AFTRA, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, Humanist Association, and the Society for Human Behavior & Evolution.

Natalie has worked with top media outlets in a range of roles. As a producer of medical, entertainment, and corporate news, her segments have appeared on major networks. She wrote and produced content and interviewed specialists for, a former popular health and beauty site, and was their spokesmodel, as their original technology was designed using her image. It had its own makeover recently, and is now called
Represented by Ford Models and Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency, Natalie is an actress in network television series such as Fashion House, Nash Bridges, and JAG, and in numerous commercials on TV and radio. Frequently featured on magazine covers, in editorials and ad campaigns including Elle, Vogue, More, Oprah, Vanity Fair, Living Fit, Shape, Prevention, Cooking Light, and Money.
She appears often as host, spokesperson, interviewer, and voiceover artist for numerous projects.

The Science of Consciousness

Expand your mind. Improve your experience of living.

"Your inside is out and your outside is in." The Beatles

Examine profound connections of sexuality, stress, emotions and consciousness. Mind is body. Body is mind. Spark a dialogue... Welcome to our [R]evolutionary community!

Translated into 148 languages so far, our readers live in 202 countries, including every state in America -- Thank you for inspiring us!
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"Your inside is out and your outside is in." The Beatles

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