Our Sexual ~ Spiritual Connection

"It is traditional in many cultures, even western cultures, to practice celibacy in the pursuit of spiritual life. This is true as well for the hundreds of schools of yoga that recognize sexual energy as a spiritual force, and aim to conserve that energy for the spiritual path.

But celibacy as a spiritual motivator pretty much limits the quest for a raised form of consciousness to a cloistered community...

...and of course, if everyone followed this path, the number of people making a spiritual journey would quickly diminish and disappear.

Today many of us common folk aspire to spiritual growth. But we also desire to grow with a partner. Tantric yoga was the path couples chose thousands of years ago to satisfy this dilemma, since the tantric discipline allows men and women to have a mate, to enjoy sex, and to experience spiritual fulfillment, often simultaneously. How can this be? How can sexuality coexist with spirituality -- the one base, the other sublime?
For an answer we look inside, to the Tantra's subtle body, and to its ascending energy centers, beginning with the most "base" and ending in the cosmic zone." Excerpted from Charles & Caroline's Muir timeless book,Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving, in it's 20th anniversary printing.

Yes -- how can our sexuality coexist with spirituality?
How do we make sense of our sensual natures? How do we experience deep & real pleasure? Imagine a way of being, not just a roll in the sack.

Tantra explores sexuality as a doorway to the divine, and earthly pleasures such as eating, dancing and creative expression are sacred acts. Hmmm...makes sense if you think about it.

Tune in as our
ConsciousREADERS Club Members -- and WAWW.com's beautiful readers in 160 countries -- discuss Tantra's life affirming concepts and tease apart the challenges, opportunities and questions they also present. It's going to get juicy!

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"Stress Free Drugs Sensual Intelligence Natalie Geld"

"I felt like the author was talking with ME."

"This book is an amazing look inside yourself, and also an interactive experience, where you're experimenting and experiencing your own body in new ways as you read.

It's insightful and fun, this is a must for anyone who wants to try new sensual and sensory experiences, and I pity those who don't."
Examine profound connections of sexuality, stress, emotions and consciousness. Mind is body. Body is mind. Spark a dialogue... Welcome to our [R]evolutionary community!

Translated into 148 languages so far, our readers live in 202 countries, including every state in America -- Thank you for inspiring us!

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